Midnight musing

Quarter 2: Week 2, Module 2

1. Being-in-the-world in the philosophy of Heidegger is a very promising way to guide our thoughts. Reality is a mix of illusions in each others head. The world is as it is in our imagination. They can influence us and be a part of the shape of our fantasy and truth. Being-in-the-world, feeling every moment and having our senses fully immersed in the experience

2. The relation of Being-for-others is a conflict for satre because whenever we look at an “other” and gave label to their existence; they are also simultaneously doing the similar thinking. And most times we does not measure up to those expectation thus imposing a limit on our infinite possibilities.

3. The conflict is not dissolved in the “we-subjects” because the same scenario exists. By transcending and being that higher self. “Thou”, separated to the ego, embracing all flaws and truly comfortable in our skin. It is ideal and this state is not a long term priveledge. You can reach that peak from time to time but will always come back to the simple version of the self who can relate to the “other” in a conflicted harmony of reality.


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