The Greatest Gift I Can Imagine

love this masterpiece!

A Fool's Inclination

Dear friends, if I told you that I could give you a gift that would change every aspect of your life for the better, would you believe me?

A gift so powerful, it would solve every relationship dilemma you’ve ever had.
A gift so instantaneous, the moment you accept it, all emotional pain, guilt, and suffering will end and be replaced with sheer joy and utter pleasure.
Can you believe it? Is this a bit too grand, perhaps?

Now, what if I told you that I have the ability to give you this gift – right here – right now – within the confines of this short blog? What then? How about if I tell you that it will cost you nothing? Could you fathom such a thing?
Could you believe even for a moment that a truth like this could exist?

Before I go on, let me assure…

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